"Working as a freelance between 1991and 2002, I divided my time between commercial work in television and film, and my own self-generated art, which comprises landscape, life painting and portraiture. Until recently, I have always kept the techniques I employed in scenic art which are more graphic and abbreviated in nature, separate from those employed in my own fine artwork.
  I was working in an environment in which an actor in Tudor costume could share a joke between takes with a mutant sporting prosthetic claws; both sitting on the wing section of a plywood Spitfire. Such images of extraordinary contradiction very quickly became the norm in this studio environment, but I found these conjunctions constantly amusing and captivating; this vivid imagery now forms a reference archive for my current work."

Much of Glenn's current visual repertory can be traced back to his career as a scenic artist between 1988 and 2003; several years with the BBC at Television Centre. Two projects on which he headed the scenic art team won BAFTA awards for design; 'Portrait of a Marriage': 1989 and 'Persuasion': 1994. Television provided opportunities for him to practice trompe-loeil techniques and visual trickery on an industrial scale; employing cut-outs, glass-shots and colour separation overlays as well as painting conventional, if oversized, canvases.


glenn Ibbitson 1      Glenn Ibbitson S&M2
Archery Practice                                                                                  Levitator
Glenn Ibbitson S&M3      Glenn Ibbitson S&M4      Glenn Ibbitson S&M5
Horus                                                                         Levitating Lady                                                                Emerald Archer

Glenn Ibbitson S&M6      Glenn Ibbitson S&M7
Conjoined Twins                                                                                                                                                         Lincolnshire Giant

Glenn Ibbitson S&M8      Glenn Ibbitson S&M9
Smoke and Mirrors                                                                                      Human Bridge   

Glenn Ibbitson S&M10      Glenn Ibbitson S&M11      Glenn Ibbitson S&M12
Mermaid Tank                                                               The Claw                                                                             Mera and the Angels

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