LITTLE FRIENDS: [something for the weekend]

It is a design classic, its simplicity of form perfectly matches its function. It is cheap  and everyday, mundane, yet increasingly  essential. Routinely used, seldom perused, the condom is an exquisite paradox; a barrier which enables people to get as physically close as possible.

  This suite of drawings takes this simple  still life object and makes something of an icon of its pure circular state. Through various typeset errors and mis-registrations, the crude stencilling  accompanying the images produce oblique references to the psychological manoeuvring, emotional confusion and communication shortfalls implicit in sexual courtship.

Though  these messages perhaps reflect a certain  world-weary cynicism regarding the rituals  of love, I hope that the pictures may elicit  that same knowing smile which greets the emergence of each little friend, fresh from its package.

Glenn Ibbitson     February 1995

all works are charcoal on paper      82 x 56cm
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Tempus Fugit

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